July 6, 2017
Sell your rental property cash Kansas City

Tenant destroyed your property in Kansas City? Here are your 3 options.

Your beautiful rented property has been damaged, vandalized: somebody, your tenant or his/her buddies repeatedly spilled red wine on your freshly painted walls (you pray is […]
June 23, 2017
Sell your Kansas City house with a bad roof

Selling a house with a bad roof in Kansas City

As life events go, buying or selling a house is one of the more stressful ones. During this process, you can run into obstacles that threaten […]
June 17, 2017
Sell my house with mold Kansas City

How to sell a house with mold in Kansas City

There are many pitfalls a homeowner can experience when trying to sell a house in Kansas City. One of the trickiest situations you could encounter is […]
June 16, 2017
Sell your house any condition Kansas City

Selling a House in Bad Condition in Kansas City

What does a house in bad conditions actually mean? In our experience, this means different things to different people. A house can be considered in poor […]